Software Support

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)  is a fantastic way to stretch IT budgets. If your business can utilize LibreOffice instead of paying for (very expensive) Microsoft Office licensing, those dollars can be better spent elsewhere within the company.

However  most companies are not able to cope with the lack of support, or have no dedicated IT staff to support FOSS. With over a decade of experience supporting FOSS, Zero-Day Tech is ready to assist you with your next software deployment, or to provide ad-hoc support just when you need it.

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Looking  to upgrade your network? Possibly adding 10 Gig E to support a growing business? Zero-Day Tech has you covered. Ubiquiti Networks offers a wide range of enterprise-grade and cost effective network devices to support SMBs and SMEs.

Zero-Day Tech is well versed in how best to leverage Ubiquiti Unifi devices for small businesses in order to deploy customer facing WiFi, or to enable 802.1X with WPA2-Enterprise, or to provide point-to-point connections for remote buildings and cross-campus links.

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Whether  you are stuck upgrading legacy hardware, migrating from proprietary "black boxes", or just want to deploy a mail server and website, Zero-Day Tech is a phone call away. Our low cost consultation can help put you on the path to IT success and provide insight into the greater world of FOSS.

Low cost  initial consultations allow us to determine how to proceed in providing the best solution for your business. Even if you are just looking for a push in the right direction, please email us at [email protected].

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